> Who Might Work On My Project ?

A Caltech graduate who was Co-Founder of Acclaim Games & CTO of AMC's The Walking Dead

A Senior Director who led an engineering center for Broadcom's $2.7 billion a year WiFi division

A NASA alum who developed technology for the Gulf War and analytics systems for the NBA

A former Director of Embedded Systems at Bally Technologies with 20-years prior at Texas Instruments

An engineer who created the Mashable mobile application and AMD's developer portal

Project leads for AOL UK, AOL Japan, AOL Stylelist, Moviefone, HCL-Cisco and EMC

The former Director of Cloud Architecture for CBS Interactive

A UC professor who has managed over fifty ERP engagements across twenty industries

A security researcher who created the fastest spreading virus of all time


Even our most junior engineers are hard-core technologists with deep backgrounds in computer science, software engineering, command line linux and a variety of technologies. We only hire engineers that not only know the hows, but also understand the whys.


We have spent years fine-tuning our hiring process and advise prominent technology firms on how to effectively screen candidates. After passing numerous rounds of technical screenings, engineers work on internal projects as a layer of real-world vetting before being placed on client projects.


Our network of best-in-class strategic partners allows us to take on projects that require experts in multiple areas of technology. Big Data projects often require experts in infrastructure, analysis, visualization, and web crawling; IoT projects often span hardware, software, mobile and cloud.