Why Veloz Solutions

Enterpreneurial Foundation

Our foundation as technology entrepreneurs and business operators provides us with unique business instincts and insight

Distinguished Technologists

Our senior strategists are deeply experienced and highly-accomplished CTOs with backgrounds in a broad range of industries

Technology Agnostic

We are technology, platform and vendor agnostic, so we are unbiased in our counsel

Experienced Problem Solvers

We thrive on solving challenging problems incumbent technology teams struggle with and love highly-sophisticated projects

Rigorous Vetting

We employ a uniquely rigorous technical vetting process for each engineer we hire

Flat Structure

Our flat structure allows our most senior people to work in the code on each project

Elite Pedigrees

Our strategists studied computer science at the top universities in the country (UCLA, Caltech, MIT)

Guaranteed Success

Our reputation means everything to us. Plain and simple: we do not fail