Our Process

Rapid Turnaround

We utilize our own adaptation of Agile development and Scrum for rapid turnaround, while ensuring high levels of quality and reducing the clients time involvement.

Open Management

Veloz sponsors an opensource project management system which equips us with optimal efficiency in roadmap and task management, while providing clients with full transparency.

Fair & Accurate Billing

Using multiple levels of timesheet audits and proprietary techniques for monitoring developers, we place fair and accurate billing along with high productivity at the forefront of how we do business.

Performance Audits

Using a 15-point process, developers put all of their code through extensive audits of functionality, performance, neatness and compatibility before every pull request.

Best Practices

Our senior technologists engage in automated and manual code reviews, enforcing strict adherence to best practices for coding, documentation, and unit testing.

Daily Reporting

Every day engineers must summarize progress and roadblocks for each of their tasks in no less than 100-words. 1-2 sentences per task is common, but the 3rd or 4th sentence is where the key details emerge.

Two-Hour Rule

We created and enforce a "two-hour rule". Every two hours an engineer must notate exactly what he is working on, and if working on a bug for more than two hours, he must seek help from a senior manager.

Daily Peer Reviews

Using a technique we coined "Partial Paired Programming" (PPP), developers partake in daily code and architecture reviews with a peer. PPP increases quality while avoiding the expense of traditional Paired Programming.